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Words from Dai Bingguo: Contribute to the Development of Our Motherland and National Rejuvenation.

Revision:Cao Siyu;Akib IrfanDate:2018/05/16


In May, Guizi mountain was full of fragrant grass and green tree, the jubilant campus was full of youth and vigor. In the afternoon of May 4th, Dai Bingguo, the Former State Councilor and President of the National Taiwan Research Association, Yang Youyan, Executive Vice Secretary-General of the National Taiwan Research Association, Li Zhigang, Deputy Secretary General of the National Taiwan Research Association, and Li Jianhong,  director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Hubei Province, came to CCNU and spend the unforgettable Youth Day with the CCNU teachers and students.        

At 3:30 in the afternoon, Dai Bingguo and other visitors came to CCNU to participate in the  "   99th Anniversary of May 4th Movement and  Commendation Conference for the 96th Anniversary of the Communist Youth League ", and cordially talked to the students in CCNU, wishing the students a happy festival and took a photo with them.            

Then, at the Forum on International Situation and Chinese Diplomacy, Huang Xiaomei, Chancellor of CCNU, introduced the history and characteristics of CCNU, especially the achievements in International School-running, the construction of international political discipline and the research of international problems. The teachers of the School of Politics and International Studies and the School of History and Culture reported their concerns in academic research.

After listening to the speeches of the teachers in the conference, Dai Bingguo indicated that the research level of CCNU was very high, the researches of some problems were in the forefront and have characteristics in the field of international relations research and talent training. The experience of CCNU is worth being summarized. He also put forward his own views on the international situation, Chinese diplomacy, Sino US relations, the Taiwan issue and the surrounding hot issues.            

After the symposium, Dai Bingguo and other visitors came to the Xuezi canteen to have dinner with the students in CCNU. He friendly inquired the students about their hometown and their life and study in CCNU. When hearing that one of the students had taught in Guizhou, he said with great interest, "I am from Guizhou, and Guizhou is a good place, thank you for your dedication to Guizhou." When it came to the Youth Day (May 4th), seeing the energetic and vigorous spirit of the students in CCNU, Dai Bingguo could not help reminiscing the tough years of walking dozens of kilometers to school when he was young, and encouraged students: “ You must learn the knowledge with industriousness and improve your ability.” After listening to Chen Chunlin's experience of bringing her father to CCNU and giving back to the society with her own power, Dai Bingguo further stressed: "We all have to learn from you, especially our youngsters, we need to obtain the sense of responsibility both to the society and to our motherland." He also encouraged normal students, "the career of teachers is lofty and worthy of our young people's struggle", "We must not forget our beginner's mind and strive to be a good teacher". Before leaving from CCNU, Dai Bingguo sent a message to our young teachers and students to strive for their skills and contribute to our motherland's development and national renewal.            

Dai Bingguo and other visitors also inspected the National Engineering Research Center For E-learning, Cultural Relic Museum and the library in CCNU.


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