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Zhao Lingyun Appointed as President of CCNU


July 15th, the CCNU staff and faculty assembly was held in the Science Hall, announcing the decision on adjustment to CCNU's President by the Party Group of the Ministry of Education. Zhao Lingyun was appointed as the President and the Vice Chairman of University Council, replacing his predecessor, Yang Zongkai.

Sun Yao, member of the Party Group of the Ministry of Education and Vice Minister of Education, Lv Jie, Deputy Director of the Personnel Department of Ministry of Education, Zhou Zhihong, member of the Organization Department of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, Xu Yanbing, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Hubei Provincial Department of Education and relevant responsible person of the Ministry of Education, Organization Department of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and  Hubei Provincial Department of Education presented the meeting. CCNU current leadership, previous leadership, President Assistants, middle-level staff, directors of retirement services related organizations, heads of democratic parties, representatives of the executive member of Teacher's Representative Committee and student representatives attended the assembly. The assembly was presided over by CCNU Chancellor Huang Xiaomei.

On behalf of the Party Group of the Ministry of Education, Sun Yao announced Notice on Appointment and Dismissal and delivered a speech. He pointed out that the appointment was a deliberate decision. CCNU has made a lot of achievements in the recent years. In the 6 years of Yang Zongkai's being the President of CCNU, Yang made clear development ideas and won the trust and respect from all CCNUers.

According to Sun, Zhao Lingyun has solid political thought quality and has worked in various positions in the party and government administrations. The Party Group of the Ministry of Education believes that Zhao is qualified for the position. Hopefully, Huang Xiaomei and Zhao Lingyun together will bring CCNU a brighter future.

Sun gave 3 advices about the development of CCNU. Firstly, the school should stick to the correct direction of school running. Secondly, CCNU should push forward the development of double world-class construction. Thirdly, the school should keep strengthening the construction of leadership and cadres.

Zhou Zhihong, on behalf of the Organization Department of Hubei Provincial Party Committee advocated the decision. She said that Yang Zongkai has done a great job being the President of CCNU and she believe that Zhao Lingyun will adapt to the new position and elevate the development of CCNU to a new high.

Zhao Lingyun appreciated the trust of the Party Group of the Ministry of Education and the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and paid tribute to Yang Zongkai. According to Zhao, he would shoulder the responsibilities and fully devote himself into the management work of CCNU. Firstly, he would ensure Party leadership, be a good decision implementer of the CCNU Party Committee. Secondly, he would devote himself wholeheartedly to the school development and be a good server of all staff and students. Thirdly, he would fully comply with the Party's requirements for discipline and style and be a good double duties' taker.

Huang Xiaomei, advocated the decision on behalf of the school Party Committee and all teachers and students and welcomed President Zhao Lingyun. She pointed out that Zhao will inject fresh vitality to the leadership of CCNU which is crucial to the following development of the school. Huang would fully support Zhao's independent exercise of powers within the framework of the law. CCNU would seize the chance and work harder to live up to the care and support of leaders at all levels and the trust of all teachers and students and strive to build a world renowned high-level university featuring teacher’s education.

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