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The Champion of The Voice of CCNU

Revision:Cao Siyu;Akib IrfanDate:2018/05/31

Kapinga Kangudia Samanthaan international student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo won the first prize of The Voice of CCNU last week.

Through the interview, she shared with us her experience of studying in CCNU and singing. Moreover, she expressed her deep, unconditional love for her family and hometown.


Q1. Could you please talk about your story of studying in  CCNU, maybe the reason why you came to CCNU for further study? How do you feel after you came here?

I’ve heard about CCNU in my hometown and also learned that it is a nice university in China. The Chinese teaching of the university is quite great, as a result, here I am learning Chinese.

Q2. What’s your experience with singing? What does singing bring to you?

Actually, I don’t have any special story with singing, I just like singing since my childhood and it brings happiness to me.

Q3. Why did you choose the song Tiantang?

Since it’s called Tiantang, and heaven is a wonderful place in some tales. I looked forward to it, thus choosing this song as soon as I saw its name.

Q4. Please talk about your experience about practicing this song. And this song seems hard to sing, do you have any knacks about singing this song?

It is because of my love for it. I believed that once one man enjoys a song very well, he will sing it well correspondingly. Just like this, I managed to sing it well by listening and practicing it every day.

Q5. You must have missed your hometown deeply. Do you have any words to say to your family and hometown?

Definitely yes, I miss my family very much. I have been to China for nearly ten months without coming back home. And I wish my family all in good conditions as well as living with no worries.

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