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20170519 Living on Campus

Living on Campus

拟播时间/Expected Broadcasting Time2017-05-19

写稿/Written:文馨 Holiday Wen

一审/Revised:黄凯 Victor Huang




音乐/Music: Union J - Carry You

Victor: Holiday, what makes you so angry?

Holiday: Hi, Victor. You know, the Mother’s Day is around the corner. So, I bought a gift online for my mom two weeks ago, but it was not until now that the package arrived. How slow it was!

Victor: Wow, which express company did you chose?

Holiday: Slow Delivery.

Victor: Hhh…Don’t you think the name indicates the speed of the delivery?

Holiday: OMG! That’s really tricky! Why didn’t I think of that?

Victor: Never mind. So, what kind of gift did you buy for your mom?

Holiday: Flowers.

Victor: Flowers? They must have withered!

Holiday: No no no. I bought dried flowers whose fragrance can be kept for long

Victor: Wow, it’s really amazing and it’s a really great gift for women!

Holiday: Yeah! Umm… Victor, what did you get for your mom?

Victor: Emm… I planned to go back home last weekend but one friend of mine came to Wuhan. I promised to be his guide, so I had to cancel my back-home-to-see-my-mom trip.

Holiday: What a pity! So have you planned anything else?

Victor: Of course. I turned to one of my friends in Changsha for help. I told him to buy a bunch of pink carnations in a nearby flower shop and deliver them to my mom.

Holiday: Wow! You’re so warm-heated! Did he put any cards in it? Otherwise your mom wouldn’t know that was the gift from you.

Victor: Come on, Holiday! Carnations are a good symbol for enduring youth and happiness. That’s the common sense!

Holiday: All right. I get it.


Victor: What did you get for your mother? Come and share with us on our Wechat E小记@CCNU. Victor and Holiday are waiting for you. That’s the program Living on Campus. Peace!


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