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20170516 A Song for You










Hello everyone! Good  to see you at A Song for You again!  I’m Catherine! We are all familiar with the conversation “will you marry me”,  “yes”. That’s the happy ending of fairy tale. But it’s not the same in the  real life. Marriage is something related to two whole families. What if  parents don’t agree with your marriage? Today I wanna recommend you a  song called Rude. This song talks  about a story that a boy asked a girl’s father whether he can have the girl  for the rest of his life. And unfortunately he got “no” from the  father. He is heartbroken. Let’ listen to the boy’s  reaction to the rejection of the father together. Hope you will enjoy this  song! This is A Song for You from  CCNU English Press Corps. I’m Catherine! See you next time! 




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