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A Chance to Learn Teaching in America

Revision:Lou Hani; Xia JingyanDate:2018/03/30

A new semester has been on for a month. It’s high time that we prepared to start a new journey and set goals, one of which may be seeking an opportunity to exchange and study in a foreign country.

Wu Xiaoyang, a student from the English Department of CCNU, has just returned from her exchange in the University of Kansas. In retrospection, she said, “The days in America were memorable, and I really learned a lot from it.”

A chance to learn

Wu did not know the exchange program until the counselor issued a notice. It is a program aimed at free normal students of senior year to cultivate future teachers with advanced educational concepts and teaching methods. Since Wu was determined on the way of being a teacher, she made up her mind to seize the chance.

When talking about how she got the chance and how can we prepare for it, Wu was generous to share with us.

Firstly, application materials like transcript, award certificate and English grading certification are needed for schools to evaluate your abilities. ( Furthermore, it is essential to pass the CET-6, which is the basic standard for applicants including those from the English Department.

Secondly, if successfully recommended by the school, you are supposed to prepare for the English interview, in which shows the significance of fluent English speaking. Apart from above, you’d better prepare an English self-introduction and get familiar with the University of Kansas. “Prepare fully and be confident.” Xiaoyang summarized.

A lesson of education

Last September, she boarded the plane to the United States with 20 schoolmates, a team for an eight-week exchange. The main course for them was universal design for learning, from which they learned how to design courses with advanced educational theories. What impressed her most were the visits to the local middle school. Most schools equip each student with a computer since junior one, so that they can learn autonomously on computer in advance. In class, students will discuss the confusion in this section. At the same time, teachers are involved. It is worth mentioning that the class capacity of an American school is far less than that of China out of the different situation of two countries. And in America, school would give students the freedom to select courses and take the classes in different classrooms in order to satisfy the personal needs of students. “So every teacher has his or her own classroom. They can decorate it as they like. I really envy it.” She giggled. In terms of curriculum, courses in America are relatively rich and various. As Xiaoyang had observed, some practical courses are offered, like cooking, sewing and even electric welding. In high schools, there are a number of college courses for students to know more about the subject so that they can choose what they are really interested in when entering the university. “I truly understand how to respect students and spur their creativity in this journey. It is rewarding.”

A journey on aboard

Going aboard as a part of the team can be much easier. They had classes, discussed, visited around and lived together in those days. Because of the pursuit for education, they came across and made progress with joint efforts. “We are good friends since then. I can learn from them and we had a good time. But I was still missing China even for such a short time because I cannot get used to the food in America. Maybe I am the one who belongs to China.” She joked.

Finally she said, “What I have learned in America inspired me, and in the future, I want to inspire my students.”

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